FAQ, Reclamation Form, Warranty, User Manual

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Service point
The service centre is located at our headquarters Dada Paradiso Group.
Measures in the event of a defect of the product
When the client detects a malfunction in the product, he or she should contact the store where the product was purchased. If the seller will not be able to help, the product should be sent to Dada Paradiso Group, together with the completed reclamation form (located below) sent by e-mail to the address Defective product will be repaired or replaced. The basis for the repair is the validity of the guarantee issued for the product.
I do not have access to a store selling products Dada Paradiso Group
In this case, the customer should contact the company Dada Paradiso Group to obtain information about the shops located in the close area of the customer.
Spare parts for products that are not for sale anymore
Our company does not practise sale of spare parts of the products that are not in our offer anymore due to the responsibilities it may bring.
For any further information, please contact our company.

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