At the beginning, there is an idea, then the draft, from which a design is created.

Afterwards, we have a prototype and the final product. This is probably the way in which most innovative products come into existence. The same is with a stroller except that this particular product must meet the requirements and expectations of the whole family.

Few people know that the process of the production of a stroller is often turbulent. It is a kind of compromise between the vision of the designer and the matter.

Among the characteristics such as original design, safety and comfort, a stroller for children has to be, first of all, safe, practical, functional and comfortable - which does not mean that, at the same time, it cannot be a delight to the eyes with its original design. It is this idea of ​​creating a unique style, a form of seduction while maintaining standards of quality and safety which accompanies our company for many years.

Stroller meets design!

Functionality rules!

Fashionable pram? Why not!

Safety and comfortability is essential!

Enjoy your ride!


Love, Peace & Babies